Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

Our clients face challenges associated with designing and building projects in a manner that fulfills a myriad of regulatory requirements. Woods Hole Group feels strongly that projects can be implemented in harmony with environmental requirements. We believe that difficult regulatory issues should be addressed early in the project planning process, and it is essential to proactively involve the diverse group of stakeholders. We are not advocates; however, we feel that key project elements need not be compromised when there is sound scientific and engineering data to support our clients' requirements. We work openly and creatively at the local, state, and federal levels, and encourage open-mindedness to gain favorable approvals for our clients’ projects.

  • Local Wetlands & Conservation Permits
  • State & Federal Water Quality Certifications
  • Coastal Zone Management Consistency
  • Federal/USACE General and Individual Permits
  • 316(a)/(b) Intake/Discharge Demonstration Support
  • Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) Support

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