Message From The President

I appreciate your attention to the Woods Hole Group newsletter, with insight on recent activities at the company for our clients, colleagues, and friends. This edition follows a key milestone in our corporate history – 30 years of doing business! We are pleased to achieve this milestone, and feel it is a testament to the commitment and creativity of our talented staff. Our proven ability to succeed in this market sets a course for future growth and successes. We plan to maintain our foundation, and build on growing markets related to sustainability, resilience of future coastal infrastructure facing a changing climate, and up-to-the-minute access to real-time environmental data at your desktop from ports and harbors through the deep ocean. I encourage you to read our 30th anniversary announcement, and to visit our 30th Anniversary webpage with corporate milestones, foundation projects, and key people who fueled the company. I am pleased to be part of more than one-third of our staff members making a career at Woods Hole Group for more than 10 years, and several for 20+ years.

In this newsletter, you will find our regular Delaware and Texas office updates from Dr. Clinton Hare and Dr. Rafael Ramos. Our work supporting NOAA PORTS® remains central to the organization, along with exciting new developments for offshore energy customers in the Gulf of Mexico, and in Central and South America. We also added a New England spotlight from corporate headquarters, emphasizing the need for careful design practice when engineering shore protection structures. The cornerstone article for this edition is about managing climate change vulnerability. Our approach improves upon traditional estimates by providing tangible information about the probability of future risks. Site-specific and probabilistic predictions help our clients understand the likelihood and severity of future inundation risk. With this information, local and regional solutions can be implemented that are modular, adaptable, and affordable. In addition to making informed decisions about siting and design of critical infrastructure, the information also can be used to understand future ecological risks and habitat restoration opportunities.

Our traditional news page provides updates on our personnel, organizations we support, and our plans to present at technical conferences. Many thanks for your support, and please contact me directly with any insight or recommendations.

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Bob Hamilton
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