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“Next Person Up” Many thanks to everyone who takes the time to read our newsletter. As you can tell, my colleagues take pride in this publication, and certainly appreciate your attention and feedback. I hope you find the newsletter provides useful information, and it lends insight to current events at Woods Hole Group. We sincerely want our clients, teaming partners, friends, and suppliers to be part of our overall team - which brings me to the point of this message.

If you are a sports fan, you are likely familiar with what is becoming a commonly used term of “Next Man Up.” Basically, when a key player goes down with an injury, someone needs to step up and perform. Everyone who is a sports fan can think of an example when this happened for their favorite team. For NFL quarterbacks alone, there are inspiring stories. has a fun list of the 9 greatest backup quarterbacks in NFL history. This article brought back great memories of performances from people like Jim Plunkett who twice replaced a starting quarterback and led the Oakland Raiders to Superbowl victories. And, how about Kurt Warner who went from stocking shelves to 3rd string QB, and then on to Superbowl MVP? Growing up a Baltimore Colts fan, Earl Morrall was a legend in his ability to backstop none other than Johnny Unitas. And, of course there are the stories of Steve Young, Jeff Hostetler, and Tom Brady, but I digress…

Sports often provides analogy to business and other aspects of life. At Woods Hole Group, we’ve embraced a “next person up” philosophy for building our organization. When hiring, we seek top talent to meet our client project requirements, but perhaps more importantly with a vision for how each person can contributes to our organization as a whole. We seek top young professionals with new ideas and technologies, and the individual traits to advance to project or client manager and beyond. Building from within provides a solid foundation for our business. While the majority of our hiring centers on young professionals , we also welcome experienced professionals with seasoned perspectives and experiences outside our organization. This winning combination has produced a staff where 1/3+ of our staff members who have been with the company for more than 10 years, we have a team ready to be the “next person up.” Assembling and maintaining a winning staff is a complex matter that requires training, rewarding career opportunities, personnel chemistry, and fun; all while meeting client demands and achieving business profitability objectives. Although we don’t have all the answers, one fundamental key to success is not only adding the right people, but first and foremost encouraging our existing personnel to embrace new staff. If we all can find and mentor someone to replace ourselves, and not fear for job security, this trust will create new and better opportunities for the staff and for our clients. At Woods Hole Group, “next person up” applies not only to when someone goes down, but also when we are lifted up!

Please enjoy the content in this newsletter, including spotlights from personnel in New England, Delaware, and Houston, as well as our feature article on the realistic potential for shellfish to improve water quality in deteriorating embayments.

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