Message From The President

First, I want to extend a thank you to our clients, business partners, employees, and friends for taking the time to read our newsletter. We appreciate your continued interest and support, and genuinely invite suggestions or questions you may have about our company and newsletter.

Second, reality strikes me that more than a year passed since I became President of Woods Hole Group. I am thankful for the support of my colleagues, customers, family, Board of Directors, and former President, Dennis Aubrey, through this transition. We’ve had time to achieve our business objectives for 2014, formulate the business plan, and secure investments to fund growth opportunities. We are presently ahead of plan for sales, earnings, and new bookings in 2015, and planning ahead for 2016. As we say, “things are good” right now at Woods Hole Group. We can never be satisfied, however, which is what drives us forward.

We are realizing growth opportunities in the area of coastal climate change planning, including application of specialized models to help our customers understand their level of risk presently and into the future. Through this work, we can calculate the probability that a customer’s asset will be inundated in 2100, at approximately what depth, for how long, and whether there will be wave energy in addition to flooding. We also have advanced our oceanographic measurement systems capability, and delivered a suite of buoy, mooring, and platform-based systems to a diverse domestic and international offshore energy customer base. We will soon be delivering real-time information about current speeds and directions at ocean depths exceeding 1,000 meters offshore Brasil. This adds to our real-time network on oceanographic buoys, drill ships, in ports and harbors, at sewer plants; and at offshore wind generating sites. Furthermore, we continue to expand our Applied Ecological Services consulting practice through our contaminated sediment and water assessment work at various sites, including high profile Superfund cases and with more localized ventures.

We also continue to operate as a small business, largely driven by the capabilities and entrepreneurship of our dedicated technical staff. I am grateful that roughly one-third of our professionals have been with the company for at least 10 years. As you'll see in our news section, we've added talented people to our team. A primary objective is to build the staff by adding experienced professionals needed to propel the company beyond 2015. Our existing people are seeking help to realize their successes and transition into the future. In the short-term, we will be hiring new and experienced professionals in the areas of: 1. Coastal Engineering/Modeling with specific experience in climate change planning and habitat restoration; 2. Environmental Science with Ecological Risk Assessment expertise; and 3. Oceanography with specific experience supporting offshore energy clients for measurement and analysis programs. We also are seeking seasoned leadership to join our team. I would encourage any of our readers to contact me directly about these types of career opportunities, and appreciate your continued support.

Please enjoy this newsletter with a feature article by David Walsh on a sediment and oceanographic monitoring program in the Delaware River Estuary, and many thanks for your attention.

Bob Hamilton

Contact Information:
81 Technology Park Drive
East Falmouth, MA 02536

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