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Eric A and friend Don outside Arena Pernambuco for USA vs. Germany match - Recife, Brazil

This summer went by quickly, but like most all people living in the Houston ‘Petroplex’ I wish it would have gone faster. High points of the weather were more rain than in recent years and we never did hit the 100°F mark for the first time since 1997. The numbers of Ruby Throated Humming Birds peaked as usual in mid-September and by now most of them have made their overnight crossing of the Gulf of Mexico to Yucatan. So cool fronts are starting to slide through and we are anxious for the cool nights and warm sunny days of autumn in southeast Texas.

Presentation of Flags and National Anthems for USA vs. Germany match in Recife, Brazil

This summer Rafael Ramos finally made the move from Miami to Sugar Land with his wife Liliana and son, Diego. Prior to completing his Ph.D. at the University of Miami, Rafael and Liliana both obtained master’s degrees at TAMU so are well acquainted with the ‘frigid’ winters we have here, but for Diego, a true Miamian, it will be a new experience. Eric Aronchick had the most interesting vacation of our staff. He traveled with several ‘football’ friends to see two matches at the World Cup in Brazil! Although they left with all arrangements not being complete, everything worked out well for them. The most memorable event in my life this summer was that my son Ben’s wife is pregnant with my first grandchild – a granddaughter. I abhor overly proud grandparents, but I may post a photo or two come next March.

Street carnival in Pelourinho GÇô Salvador, Brazil
Street carnival in Pelourinho - Salvador, Brazil

Installation and maintenance of ADCP systems on new drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico continues to be a major part of our work and is highlighted in this issue. A comprehensive metocean measurement program in the Caspian Sea has been successfully completed, and we are waiting for government approval for installation of a real-time metocean mooring offshore Trinidad. An assessment of the Gulf Eddy Model (GEM) for the CASE JIP has just been completed, and we are looking forward to help modify GEM to improve its performance in the future.

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