Message From The President

Welcome to the Fall Edition 2014 of the Woods Hole Group Newsletter. We have another full agenda so I’ll get right to it.

First, Dave Szabo of our Texas office provides a description of Woods Hole Group Current Profiling Systems operating on multiple rigs on drill ships in deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Installation of a new system is expected to be complete by the end of October 2014, and we anticipate beginning construction of another system this winter. Woods Hole Group personnel are now on-board the Ensco DS3, another drill ship, completing hydraulic and computer connections prior to system testing and commissioning. This growing list of installations now exceeds 10% of the industry fleet of mobile drilling units (MODUs) in the GOM.

Clint Hare, manager of our Mid-Atlantic office, has an update on operations and maintenance activities for NOAA PORTS systems. He also announces that Woods Hole Group received a NOAA contract award for the “Operation, Maintenance, Repair & Management of the Western Gulf of Mexico.” This includes a strong partnership with the Conrad Blucher Institute of Texas A&M University serving Lake Charles PORTS, Houston-Galveston PORTS, and the Texas portion of the National Water Level Observation Network (NWLON). This contract award is for a period of five years. The Delaware office continues to support a number of other ongoing projects including the Jacksonville PORTS network and the ongoing Philadelphia Water Department project, providing field support for the long-term current monitoring stations, short-term current meter deployments, and a dye tracer study.

Finally, I am announcing that this is my final President’s Message. We have recently transitioned the Presidency of Woods Hole Group to Bob Hamilton. Anyone familiar with the Company knows Bob well. His 20 years at the Company have seen him progress from a young coastal engineer to head of our CSEP group, then Director of Science Operations, and most recently to VP of Business Development. We are very fortunate to have a homegrown President of his talent, capabilities and character to guide Woods Hole Group successfully into the future. I have taken the post of CEO of the Company, and am working with Bob on a number of strategic initiatives going forward.

It has been with great personal and professional pride that I have served as President of Woods Hole Group since 2001. I would like to thank our clients, partners, Board of Directors, and especially the employees of the Company for affording me this opportunity.

Dennis Aubrey

Contact Information:
81 Technology Park Drive
East Falmouth, MA 02536

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