Volume 8 Issue 2
November 2013


Message from the President


Summer has left Cape Cod, the pleasure boats are disappearing from the harbors for another winter season, the fall leaves have turned, and the osprey have returned to South America.  But at Woods Hole Group, we continue to work with our clients wherever they need our help. I look at our projects and see that they number 153 projects for this year and we have many active projects from previous years as well. Right now, we have work in Azerbaijan, Trinidad, Brazil, Sierra Leone, and here at home in the United States.  We’ll be busy for a long time!

Meanwhile, this edition of the Woods Hole Group newsletter features interesting articles. Clint Hare, our Director of PORTS Operations, talks about the installation of the new Jacksonville PORTS in Florida. [+]


Feature Article - Watch Dog

By: David Szabo and Bob Hamilton

The Woods Hole Group recently successfully deployed the prototype of their WatchDog-1000 ocean monitoring systems in the deep Gulf of Mexico in Green Canyon 782. The WatchDog monitoring system is a rugged, moored metocean monitoring system that is open-ocean survivable and adaptable for use from coastal to deepwater locations. The WatchDog system is designed to operate without servicing for up to one year and independently of any deepwater vessels or facilities as well. [+]


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Clint Hare on Current Events from Delaware

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