Volume 8 Issue 2
November 2013


Delaware Spotlight



Woods Hole Group is working with the Jacksonville Marine Transportation Exchange (JMTX) for the installation, operations, and maintenance of a large-scale Physical Oceanographic Real Time System (PORTS®) in Jacksonville, Florida. NOAA PORTS® ( is a network of sensors in ports and harbor providing access to information that improves maritime commerce and safety.

Upon completion, JXPORTS networks will be the second largest PORTS installation in the country. It will provide invaluable information to the users of St. Johnís River, including the shipping industry, tug services, military personnel, cruise ships, commercial and recreational fisherman, and academic institutions. The system will provide access to real-time quality controlled data (every 6 minutes) that will facilitate safe navigation, and will also promote greater understanding of the waterway system and its environment for research and engineering purposes. With knowledge of water depths, current speeds and direction, the distance from the water surface to overhead bridge superstructure, and other information, ship pilots can navigate safely and more efficiently. The system is intended to reduce the risk of accident and improve maritime commerce.

The JXPORTS project includes installation, commissioning and management of the system for three years. Woods Hole Group has set up an office in Jacksonville staffed with personnel proficient with the operation and troubleshooting of the complex sensors incorporated into the JXPORTS network. Woods Hole Group will be installing additional water level stations, seven current meter systems, five conductivity sensors, three visibility sensors, and three meteorological packages adding to the existing NOAA water level station and previously installed air gap system. The final network will consist of 18 stations along the St. Johnís River from Mayport, Florida to Palatka, Florida.

The installation phase is occurring at this time with an expected completion date by the end of 2013.

Submitted By:
Clinton Hare, Ph.D.
Mid Atlantic Manager/Oceanographer

Contact Information:
Woods Hole Group Ė Delaware
100 Carlson Way, Suite 9
Dover, DE 19901
P: 302-734-1434
e: Clinton Hare, Ph.D.


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