Volume 8 Issue 1
July 2013


Message from the President


Woods Hole Group has a culture of applying innovative technical expertise to the problems that our clients need to solve. Our scientists and engineers have freedom to develop applications that involve new technologies or concepts when there is not an existing and proven off-the-shelf solution. We have three recent innovations our teams developed that you might find of interest.

watch dog bouy

We developed a reconfigurable deep water mooring system called WatchDog™. The rugged, moored real-time metocean monitoring system is deployed in proximity to, but completely independent of, offshore oil platforms. It features a wide variety of sensors to measure current profiles, surface currents, directional waves, and winds. It also provides data on its own positions and motions.

Based on the design of the well-proven NOAA 3m foam-hull discus surface buoy, WatchDog™ is designed to operate in the open ocean and to survive hurricanes and strong currents. It can be instrumented to provide real-time current profile data from the near surface to deep water. We are now presenting this to our customers as a product offering. If you are interested in knowing more, select this link to download a PDF brochure.

As our clients know, we have a robust numerical modeling practice. A group of Woods Hole Group engineers led by Kirk Bosma and Nate Dill recently built a high-performance 96-node parallel computing cluster to help with the demanding calculations required by their high-resolution models. This networked computer solves complex problems in a fraction of the time it would take a single system to solve.

High-performance 96-node
parallel computing cluster

The cluster is built from a dozen Linux servers, each with a pair of 64-bit quad-core Intel processors and 8 gigabytes of RAM. A switched gigabit network with separate networks for inter-process communication and storage connects the servers. The system has a theoretical peak performance of 768 GFLOPS (theoretically multiply two numbers together 768 billion times in a second), and allows our modelers to run simulations of far greater resolution in a fraction of the time than previously. Just this week we are adding another 72 processors that will increase computational capacity to a teraflop, over a trillion floating-point calculations per second.

Hydrokite, developed
by Dr. Bruce Magnell

And finally, innovation leads to patentable ideas. We recently filed and were granted a patent on the Hydrokite, developed by Dr. Bruce Magnell. Hydrokite is a radio data telemetry platform for oceanographic moorings that overcomes the most serious drawbacks of traditional surface moorings for this purpose.

Hydrokite is a submerged, winged towbody tethered to, and receiving data from, a taut subsurface mooring containing oceanographic sensors. Hydrokite utilizes dynamic lift associated with the flow of ocean currents over its wings to provide the force necessary to rise to the surface from time to time, and to submerge again after completing a telemetry session. The key element of the invention is that the dynamic lift is variable and is under program control. This permits the Hydrokite to function effectively as a near-real-time surface data telemetry platform while spending most of its time safely submerged in a low-drag configuration, protected from wave action and marine biofouling. In addition to serving as a radio telemetry platform, Hydrokite can also be equipped with sensors to provide frequent profiling of the upper ocean.

Woods Hole Group is now investigating prototype commercial and military applications for the Hydrokite technology.

We are proud of the work that we do for our clients around the world and for the opportunity to innovate on their behalf.


We have two important job openings at Woods Hole Group. We are looking for a Senior Oceanographer/Ocean Engineer in Houston and a Scientist/Engineer with a proven background in oceanography in Falmouth. Both of these jobs require a solid understanding of the offshore oil and gas industry, a background in ocean measurements and instrumentation, and experience in business development. We encourage qualified individuals to explore these opportunities.

Submitted By:
Dennis Aubrey

Contact Information:
Woods Hole Group Falmouth
81 Technology Park Drive
East falmouth, MA 02536
P: 508-540-8080


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