Volume 8 Issue 1
July 2013


Texas Spotlight


Greetings from Stafford, TX!

Last fall we moved to a small business park just outside of Beltway 8 off of the Southwest Freeway. Note our new address and phone:

12705 South Kirkwood Road, Suite 100
Stafford, TX 77477
Phone: 281-565-1240

Woods Hole Group's New Office Building inStafford, Texas
Woods Hole Group's new office
building located in Stafford, TX


And speaking of new, we have a new Offshore Tech Eric Aronchick. Eric graduated from Florida Tech three years ago with a BS in Oceanography. Since then he has been working on a variety of ocean projects in the Gulf of Mexico from seafloor mapping and object detection studies, to NOAA PORTS current meter system installation and maintenance, to red tide toxin analyses, to water sampling after the Deepwater Horizon incident. Eric has decided to take full advantage of the city life by taking up residence in mid-town Houston. But he still will be pursuing his interests in sailing and road biking.

Fortunately we continue to be quite busy with projects from the oil industry. We have done several projects for the joint industry groups CASE/EJIP and DeepStar (Metocean) in the last few years. We are now completing an extension of a database of deepwater currents for DeepStar and just starting a new project for CASE/EJIP to analyse and hopefully upgrade their Gulf Eddy Model.

Installation and maintenance of ADCP systems on new drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico continues to be a major part of our work. This year we will also begin an interesting metocean measurement program in the Caspian Sea.

Submitted By:
David Szabo
Houston Manager

Contact Information:
Woods Hole Group Houston
12705 South Kirkwood, Suite 100,
Stafford, TX 77477
P: (713) 468-5075
e: David Szabo, M.S.


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