Volume 8 Issue 1
July 2013


Delaware Spotlight


The Delaware office focuses on Operation, Maintenance, Repair, and Management of oceanographic instrumentation, including the NOAA CO-OPS PORTS networks, industrial port and harbor systems, and more recently a MARINEMET project in West Africa. Presently the office has four staff members based in Dover, DE and an additional technician in Gloucester, VA.

"Woods Hole Group personnel
performing annual leveling
of the Dock E water level
station in Pascagoula, MS"

Woods Hole Group is starting a project for the installation and three years of operation and maintenance of a new NOAA PORTS Network in Jacksonville, Florida. This project is funded directly by the Jacksonville Marine Transportation Exchange (JMTX). NOAA CO-OPS will QA/QC the data and host it on their PORTS website. The Jacksonville PORTS network will be the second largest behind the Chesapeake Bay PORTS network consisting of eighteen stations along the St. Johns River, including six water level stations with associated sensors, three visibility stations, seven current meter systems, one conductivity-only station, and one air gap station. Woods Hole Group Delaware personnel are shop testing and building the station electronics during the upcoming months. The installation phase will be a collaborative effort between the Delaware and Falmouth offices. Station designs are currently being prepared for NOAA and JMTXs approval, and the installation phase is scheduled to start in September of this year. All stations are planned to be installed and fully operational by the end of 2013.

"Woods Hole Group personnel
installing a benchmark at
a Senegal port facility"

Woods Hole Group Delaware personnel continue to perform operations and maintenance activities for the Chesapeake Bay, Delaware River and Bay, New York/New Jersey Harbor, and Pascagoula PORTS networks and support Woods Hole Group Falmouth on the Narragansett Bay PORTS system. Woods Hole Group recently completed the annual inspections on the two water level stations in Pascagoula, MS and is actively working on the four annual inspections under contract for the Chesapeake Bay PORTS network. The team has capacity for growth.

"A Monkey in Senegal"

In addition to NOAA projects, the Delaware office completed a project for the installation of a meteorological-alarm system for offloading of fine particles at the Kinder Morgan Elizabeth River/Money Point Terminal in Chesapeake, VA in October 2012. The system is designed to provide visual and auditory notification to workers when wind speeds exceed an average of 15 mph so that offloading operations can be stopped in accordance with state and federal permitting requirements. The system has been working well for the staff at Kinder Morgan and has allowed them to provide detailed records of wind speed and direction during offloading operations to the permitting agencies upon request.

"Water Level station installed
in Senegal for the World
Meteorological Organization
MARINEMET project"

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey awarded Woods Hole Group with a two-year maintenance contract in 2012 involving water quality monitoring systems at the LaGuardia Airport in Queens, NY. During 2013 the Delaware office continues to perform monthly calibration and maintenance of two YSI harbor buoys in waters surrounding the airport.

"Woods Hole Group personnel
installing a bench mark at a newly
installed Senegal water level
station with the assistance of a
local port worker"


The Delaware office has continued to provide support   to    OceanTech
USA and Sutron for the installation phase of the World Meteorological Organization MARINEMET project in the West African countries of Mauritania and Senegal over the past six-months.

The project involves installation of tide and weather stations to improve maritime meteorology knowledge and advance tools used by the meteorological departments of these countries. Multiple trips to Senegal and Mauritania have been performed over the past few months.

In August of this year, Clinton Hare will be relocating to Jacksonville, FL for a year to help oversee the installation and first year of maintenance on the new Jacksonville PORTS project. Dan Weirauch will be responsible for the day to day operations of the Delaware office, while Clinton is in the Jacksonville area.

Submitted By:
Clinton Hare, PhD
Mid Atlantic Manager/Oceanographer

Contact Information:
Woods Hole Group Delaware
100 Carlson Way, Suite 9
Dover, DE 19901
P: 302-734-1434
e: Clinton Hare, Ph.D.


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