Volume 8 Issue 1
July 2013


News from Woods Hole Group do Brasil

Brasil Office View

New office location, new view!


Aiming to maintain our standard of excellence in customer service and also to provide creative and innovative solutions, Woods Hole Group Brasil is now working on a new office, closest to the commercial and financial center of Barra da Tijuca and easier access to our customers and suppliers.

Focusing on providing innovative solutions, an agreement was signed with Axys Technologies, a Canadian Industry of Buoys and Real Time Systems for ocean currents and waves. The new agreement give us the status of exclusivity, as suppliers of the products of Axys in Brazil, as well as the provision of maintenance services for products sold here. Partnering with Axys has had excellent results and can open relationships with customers such as the Navy of Brazil, Petrobras and the Port of Santos. Mr. Chad MacIsaac visited Brazil in April and accompanied us on a technical visit to the Navy of Brazil, in the office of the CHM (Navy Hydrographic Center) in Niterói, RJ.

We are beginning work in the Port of Santos which is implementing a system of traffic monitoring (VTMIS) potentially including installation of real-time monitoring of currents in 4 distinct points of the coast of São Paulo, including the Port of Santos and also the port of São Sebastião, major oil terminal in the State of São Paulo.

The newest client of Woods Hole Group Brasil is Vale, the largest private Mining Co. in Brazil. We are working in partnership with CP + in a signed contract for implementation of a real time monitoring system in Vale' s Port located in Sepetiba Bay, RJ.

To continue to provide excellent quality service, Woods Hole Group Brasil has expanded their entirely Portuguese website, at

Contributions to this article by:
Robert Catalano and André Vitta

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Woods Hole Group – Brasil
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Barra da Tijuca • Rio de Janeiro – RJ
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