Volume 7 Issue 1
September 2012


Delaware Spotlight


Delaware Article Pic The Delaware office remains a NOAA centric office focused on Operation, Maintenance, Repair, and Management contracts for the NOAA CO-OPS PORTS networks. Presently the office has four staff members based in Dover, DE and an additional technician in Gloucester, VA.

In the past year, Woods Hole Group won two NOAA renewal contracts to retain the Delaware River and Bay PORTS and the Chesapeake Bay PORTS networks for an additional three years each, allowing Woods Hole Group to provide continuity to these Mid- Atlantic programs until at least 2015. Woods Hole Group will continue to partner with NOAA to ensure these two large networks well represent the NOAA PORTS program.

Woods Hole Group also won a three year NOAA CO-OPS contract for the Operation, Maintenance, Repair and Management for the Pascagoula PORTS network located in Mississippi. This is the second Gulf Coast network for which Woods Hole Group has provided maintenance services to NOAA. This network includes two water level stations, three meteorological-only stations, one pier-mounted cross-channel current meter system, and two ATON buoy-mounted systems. This contract is being serviced as a joint effort between the Houston and Delaware offices.

Over the next year, Woods Hole Group will be expanding it's operations in the Southeastern US, and with additional networks along the Gulf Coast.

In addition to NOAA projects, the Delaware office is working on two port and harbor monitoring projects for Kinder Morgan. The first project involves an upgrade of a meteorological-alarm system installed in late 2010 at the Fairless Hills Terminal, to be completed in fall 2012. The other project involves a new meteorological-alarm system for offloading of fine particles at the Elizabeth River/Money Point Terminal.

In Chesapeake, VA the Money Point Terminal system is a joint effort between the Falmouth and Delaware offices for design and installation. The installation phase of this system should be completed by the end of October 2012.

The Delaware office is also supporting OceanTechUSA and Sutron for the installation phase of the World Meteorological Organization MARINEMET project in the West African countries of Mauritania and Senegal. The project involves installation of tide and weather stations to improve maritime meteorology knowledge and advance tools used by the meteorological services for these countries.

A strategic aim for the Delaware office is to support NOAA while establishing a strong and diversified Woods Hole Group presence in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Submitted By:
Clinton Hare, PhD
Mid Atlantic Manager/Oceanographer

Contact Information:
Woods Hole Group Delaware
100 Carlson Way, Suite 9
Dover, DE 19901
P: 302-734-1434
e:  Clinton Hare, Ph.D.


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