Volume 7 Issue 1
September 2012


News from Woods Hole Group do Brasil

Brazil Employees

Left to Right: Igor Caneiro, Barbara Munhoz, Andre Vitta, Robert Catalano (President Woods Hole Group do Brasil), Ivan Soares, and Bruno Moraes.


Woods Hole Group do Brasil continues to make major steps as a qualified provider of Oceanographic and Coastal Engineering services in Brasil since our last update. We continue to respond to and service invitations to bid from Petrobras and other companies and universities. Andre Vitta (M.Sc.), General Manager of Operations and Ivan Soares (Ph.D.), Manager of Business Development, our first two full time employees, are now joined by Bruno Moraes, Barbara Munhoz, and Igor Carneiro. Bruno is completing his M.Sc. in Oceanic Engineering from the University of Rio de Janeiro, and has a B.S. in Oceanography from the University of Rio Grande. Bruno is responsible for supervising field activities involving a Petrobras OceanOPS Project, and is helping to develop technical documentation and field proceedings. Barbara Munhoz, with a B.S. in Oceanography from the University of Rio Grande, is coordinating activities, and is responsible quality control for an OceanOPS project. Igor Caneiro, with a M.Sc in physical Oceanography also from the University of Rio Grande and B.S. in Oceanography from the University of Pará, is a lead field oceanographer for the OceanOPS project.

On May 25, 2012 Woods Hole Group do Brasil celebrated its first anniversary with a company luncheon and are establishing a new office in Barra de Tijuca (a suburb of Rio de Janeiro), which will accommodate the current office space needs. Woods Hole Group do Brasil continued to support BP Brasil, on a drill ship with a 38 kHz ADCP system. The Brazil team is qualified to support rig systems along with deepwater moorings and port and harbor systems, expanding the technical capabilities, and increasing local support for our Brazilian clients.

For the Petrobras OceanOPS contract, we are close to the end of the first year of operations. We have completed the engineering design and repairs on each of 16 platforms, and are now commissioning two new systems. The instruments on the platforms report data to the Petrobras Operations Center in Macae as a result of our field efforts combined with quality control support from the office. A numerical model (client confidential) of sediment transport from planned dredge operations in Guanabarra Bay was also completed. Dr. Soares is sharing our capabilities of Coastal Engineering and the introduction of Real Time Data systems with engineering and design companies, construction companies, port operators, and government agencies.

We also are expanding a division on Numerical Modeling, with emphasis on offshore modeling, to attend client’s demands. Offshore modeling is a legal requirement for environmental assessment of Oil & Gas Industry activities in deep waters. We look forward to further development of Woods Hole Group Brasil activities, and gaining recognition for the best quality products and services in the Brazilian market.

Contributions to this article by:
Robert Catalano, Andre Vitta & Ivan Soares

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Woods Hole Group – Brasil
Rua Luiz Paulistano, 430 ap 102
Recreio dos Bandeirantes Rio De Janeiro - RJ
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