Volume 4 Issue 1
February 2009

Our totally redesigned website has gone live! In addition to this, we now have a company-wide Intranet, accessible from all of our satellite offices, as well as from mobile computing devices and smartphones (such as BlackBerry or iPhone). Anywhere we can get online, we can access the information we need and stay connected.


Additionally, Woods Hole Group has made a great investment in its IT infrastructure and as a result has brought its infrastructure to a cutting edge level.  Whether you need a standard piece of computer equipment or something custom made, we can accommodate you.

Due to major upgrades within our IT infrastructure, we have increased our efficiency to state-of-the-art levels. This results in time and cost savings for our clients. For example, we can run a complex model (or simulation) on our new multi-core processor that would have taken seven days in only three days. Terabytes of storage have been added, along with higher speed switches, multi-core processors, new enterprise class servers, electronic archiving, and many other new and exciting features.

Woods Hole Group is committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology while, at the same time, ensuring the security of our data.

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