Volume 4 Issue 1
February 2009

Welcome to our first issue of the Woods Hole Group Newsletter for 2009.  The global economy is in turmoil, to be sure, but we hope that the leadership of the United States and the rest of the world will help us find safe harbor for the global community.  Meanwhile, we at Woods Hole Group endeavor to provide the best services to our customers around the world. 

We are coming off a great 2008, and our forecast for 2009 is strong due to our diversified customer base. We also are pleased to report that we have recently been awarded a 5-year, $15 million contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This month, we have three new articles for the newsletter.  The first two demonstrate how we use our scientific and engineering expertise in service of industry customers.  The third details significant upgrades to our technical infrastructure - improvements that will allow us to better serve our clients in 2009 and beyond.

Bruce Magnell has written an article on the CASE-EJIP ADCP Intercomparison project, supported by the Joint Industry Project group headed by Chevron, describing the results of test deployments of 75kHz ADCPs and intercomparison current meters in deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  The results of this multi-sensor comparison study revealed interesting new conclusions on the performance and application of these instruments in deep low-scattering waters.

Kirk Bosma writes about wetland restoration and numerical modeling.   As the public becomes more aware of the importance of wetlands to the environment, more work is going to be undertaken in restoration of these critical assets.  One of the challenges in restoring impacted systems is assessment of the evolution of the system, and subsequently, projecting what changes in habitat may occur as a result of restoration activities.  Restoration of the wetland, and specifically the alteration of the system hydraulics, often will result in a wide variety of potentially damaging changes.  Kirk discusses the role of numerical modeling in assessing these changes and designing projects to maximize the positive benefits while minimizing potential negative impact.

Woods Hole Group’s master of IT infrastructure, Darren Mansfield (known here in Falmouth as “Doctor D”), describes the latest changes to the Company’s work environment after a year-long overhaul.  I think you’ll find that our internal technical capabilities are extremely sophisticated, which allow us to function efficiently and in a protected data environment.  I hope to be able to report later this year on similar changes to our intranet environment where customers and employees can share information and processes. We've also launched our new website, which we encourage everyone to visit.

It is my pleasure to announce that the 2008 Woods Hole Group “Employee of the Year” is Dave Walsh.  Dave has become one of the stars of our world here, bouncing back and forth from coastal geology to field work in the deep ocean.  He has excellent client and project management skills and we look forward to many more years of his service.  And finally, I would like to thank our customers, vendors, partners and friends for their continued support of Woods Hole Group, and to offer you all our best wishes for productive and prosperous 2009!

Dennis Aubrey


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