Volume 4 Issue 2
December 2009

Welcome to the latest issue of the Woods Hole Group Newsletter for 2009!

In the daily responsibilities of doing business, forecasting in a struggling economy, and focusing on our employees' well-being, it is also important to stay focused on our core beliefs at Woods Hole Group. We are advocates for the responsible stewardship for the environment. We believe that development and stewardship can be compatible, and with the intelligent application of science and engineering, we can help achieve that compatibility.

Once in awhile something brings home that primary objective, preserving the environment for our children and their children. In August, we saw things in our own backyard that demonstrated forcibly the need for action. On August 19th we sited a fish kill in Buzzards Bay, with hundreds of dead menhaden and bluefish floating on the surface. Whether they were dumped by a fishing vessel or killed by some unknown cause, it is not a sight easily forgotten. If tempted to forget, the sight of dead fish floating to shore the next week kept the event in our minds. A week later, a "rust tide" showed up in Buzzards Bay, another sign that we have an excess of nutrients in this large open estuary. This is not what we like to see in our waters, and we have redoubled efforts to reach out to other organizations to contribute to a solution. We ask that you do the same in your own home, in your own local waters. They all need the help.

On the business front, we are pleased to announce that Woods Hole Group is thriving despite the difficult economic times. Our clients continue to ask us to help address their marine environmental issues. In this issue, Bob Hamilton talks about our US Army Corps of Engineers Task Order Contract and the challenges and opportunities it brings to our staff. You'll also find updates on the global perspectives as represented by our offices in the Middle East, perspectives that have resulted in expanded capabilities and business offerings for that sector of the world. We hope that you are all able to weather the economic storms and wish you success and prosperity as 2009 winds to a close.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Newsletter.

Dennis Aubrey


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