Volume 4 Issue 2
December 2009
Long Island Sound Dredge Material Management Planning


In addition to extensive work in and around New Bedford Harbor, Woods Hole Group is supporting the USACE for its initiative to develop a Dredged Material Management Plan (DMMP) for dredge material management planning in Long Island Sound. Due to the prevalent commerce and recreation along Long Island Sound in both Connecticut and New York, there is an important requirement to maintain adequate navigation depths in many ports, harbors, waterways, navigation channels and approaches. In addition to vital waterways in Norwalk, Rye, and New Rochelle, there are approximately 50 federally-authorized channels and harbors in the region along with countless private navigable waterways.
Long Island Sound Satellite Mosaic.

A DMMP is being developed to evaluate a full range of alternatives for the management of sediments dredged from navigation projects in the Long Island Sound region. Woods Hole Group is helping USACE with certain aspects of the DMMP process. We recently performed an updated literature search of current scientific research since 2005, and we are incorporating these materials into a database.

Working with our teaming partners, we also are conducting an updated inventory of significant archaeological and historic sites in the region. Additionally, the team is conducting an economic data update to estimate the significance of navigation-dependent industries within the harbors and channels of Long Island Sound. This information will be used to assess the social and economic impacts on the region if channels are unable to be maintained. Impacts will be assessed related to commercial fishing, deep draft vessel navigation/cargo, and recreational activities. Collectively, the information developed by the Woods Hole Group team will help the USACE evaluate dredging and dredged material disposal alternatives and impacts, as part of the overall dredge material management planning process.

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